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Get Ready!

Don't let FEAR take over during a violent confrontation. Learn the skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact us today for more information.

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Self Defense

Learn the drills and techniques founded by Tony Blauer and his Personal Defense Readiness team.

There is simply no better training available!

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Outside 90

Proven Tactics for Protection

Learn the most responsible self defense system there is. FEAR Management, Tools & Targets, Cycle of Behavior, and much much more.

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Making a difference in today's streets

Crime is on the rise. Do you have the skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones?

South Jersey Combatives was started due to the lack of knowledge and realistic training in today’s self defense and martial arts schools. The foundation of our personal safety quickly and with greater confidence. Retention of the material and mechanics is vastly superior, as the tactics taught are based on the body’s natural movements.

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